Natural Remedies for Diverticulitis Pain

Natural remedies for diverticulitis pain and symptoms, is of interest to many sufferers of this disease, who would prefer to use a home remedy rather than relying on main stream medical treatments such as antibiotics. Due in part to their concern that their disease may become resistant to the said antibiotics, and partly because they believe that natural remedies for diverticulitis pain and symptoms are more effective over the long term.

The symptoms of diverticulitis can include severe abdominal pain which may last over a period of days, a tender abdomen, erratic bowel habits, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, fever and on occasion bleeding from the anus occurs although this is a less common symptom.

What Causes Diverticulitis Pain and Symptoms

Diverticulitis is believed to be caused by poor digestion which results in undigested or partially digested protein being passed into the lower bowel causing a failure of the intestines to function normally.

This in turn may result in pockets/bulges/diverticula forming on the walls of the colon inhibiting the normal muscular activity needed to move matter through the intestines for elimination.

The intestinal wall then becomes toxic and weak enabling infection and ulceration of the intestines to occur. Consequently, over a period of time this build up of toxins within the system results in the painful and unpleasant symptoms of diverticulitis.

Main Stream Treatments Available for Diverticulitis Pain & Symptoms

Briefly, natural remedies for diverticulitis pain are dependent upon the severity of the problem. For a first attack or in mild cases, bed rest and a light liquid diet combined with a course of antibiotics will usually result in a full recovery. In cases where the patient may suffer medium to severe pain his/her doctor may also prescribe a painkiller or recommend an over the counter product to alleviate the pain.

In more serious cases, for instance where an abscess may have formed within the colon, your doctor will more than likely refer you for hospitalization.

The abscess will need to be drained and this will involve a procedure wherein a needle is inserted and guided by ultrasound or CT, then a catheter is put into place to drain the said abscess. Once it has been successfully drained a bowel resection may be carried out to remove the diseased tissue, thereby eliminating any recurrence of the problem in the future.

For extreme cases where the majority of the colon is diseased, the surgeon will attach a colostomy bag to your stomach in order for waste material to be collected.

If after a period of time the surgeon thinks that what remains of the colon has recovered from the inflammation, he may undertake to perform a second episode of surgery to reconnect the colon and rectum, thus eliminating the need for the colostomy bag.

Natural Remedies for Diverticulitis Pain & Symptoms

Natural remedies for diverticulitis pain work best when combined with basic lifestyle changes. If you are experiencing the symptoms of diverticulitis it is a good idea to avoid certain foods such as grains, nuts and seeds which are difficult to digest and cause gas and bloating which will aggravate the condition.

Red meat is also extremely difficult to digest so avoid eating it and stick with chicken and fish. It is also a good idea to avoid diary and sugary foods as well as refined and processed products.

Certain supplements will also assist in the treatment of diverticulitis most specifically, the regular use of: Aloe vera juice is an excellent supplement to increase good digestion. However, it is much more than an aid to digestion having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and even pain killing properties.

Having suffered myself with digestive problems, I do not hesitate to recommend the ingestion of aloe on a daily basis as this has afforded me much relief from my own digestive problems.

However, depending upon the severity of the diverticulitis attack or attacks experienced, the addition of further supplements will also go a long way towards healing a diseased or compromised intestinal tract.

Acidophilus which, helps to keep your intestinal tract healthy by encouraging the growth of healthy flora in the gut.

Take a good vitamin B Complex which will help your digestive system to perform properly. It is worthwhile to remember that diverticulitis results from a poor digestive system.

Regular consumption of a high quality fiber supplement will also help to prevent constipation and keep bowel movements regular. It should be noted that 35gms to 40gms of fiber per day is the required amount to keep the system running at its best.

Attempting to eat 40gms of fiber a day via normal mealtimes will be difficult. For example an apple only contains 2gms so, it would be necessary to eat at least 18 of them to get anywhere near the required amount of fiber.

The use of a garlic supplement will aid digestion and like aloe vera provides antibiotic properties which help to keep infection away.

Vitamin C is another weapon in the armoury against diverticulitis as it not only boosts the immune system but it also provides anti-inflammatory protection. Dosages of between 3,000 and 8,000 mg equally divided throughout the day are recommended.

Essential Fatty Acids will provide protection for the cells which line the walls of the colon thus, avoiding the potential for disease and inflammation to set in.

L-Glutamine is a supplement which helps to maintain villi in the gut. Villi project from the lining of the intestinal wall. They act to increase the absorption surface area of the intestinal wall which in turn reduces the distance nutrients must travel resulting in better and quicker absorption of the nutrients into the blood dispersing them more rapidly throughout the body.

In conclusion, natural remedies for diverticulitis pain and symptoms can and do work however, it is always recommended that anyone suffering from the painful symptoms of diverticulitis should always consult a doctor or health care provider before self-medicating.

If for some reason it is not possible to get to a doctor then of course using some natural remedies for diverticulitis pain is an option.  However, care should be taken when deciding to self-medicate.  Remember herbs can also have contra indications when mixed with other herbs or prescribed medication.  

Using aloe vera juice and/or some vitamin C or B as well as an over the counter painkiller can be ingested safely to alleviate the symptoms in the short term. However, as soon as it becomes possible to get medical treatment/advice, then this should be done whether or not the symptoms have subsided.

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